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Post by Moonlight12997 on Mon Aug 29, 2016 6:28 am

Hey there, I'm Moonlight12997, a cute and sexy young girl from Bavaria. You also can call me Caro, like all my friends in real life do. Some of you may know me from Tenkai Knights Wiki, which I joined on last year's New Year's Eve upon invitation by Dark and the guys from MoviezWorldwide. I'm going to become a staff member of MoviezWorldwide next year as a replacement of two staff members who reduced their activities as a result of some questionable global blocks by Wikia Staff. From what I know, Nico (Moviejunkie2009) is the only remaining staff member of MoviezWorldwide, while Guren still presides over the label, but leaves a lot of duties to his staff members due to his busy real life schedule.

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